10 Simple Ways To...

Written by Clown.Py - Photos by Clownsec

A Clownsec Guide To Direct Action: Exposing Shenanigans Through Humor and Mischief!
*...Or how to speak your mind in a world that doesn't listen for shit.
01 - Public Computers
02 - Books, Media, and Periodicals
03 - Stickers, Magnets, and Labels
04 - Vending Machines
05 - Notes, Posters, and Fliers
06 - Novelty and Parody
07 - Clothing and Gear
08 - Graffiti and Street Art
09 - Community Programs and Events
10 - Become The Media

1) Public Computers - These can be found at a schools, coffee shops, libraries, department stores, and even circus tents! Everytime you see an open computer terminal, open up the web browser and lets have some fun! May I suggest visiting www.clownsec.com or www.crimethinc.com? If you are lucky you can save a photo on the desktop for others, possibly change the wallpaper, set a new default homepage in the browser, or simply bookmark the page for others to find. Don't let some lousy computer security stop you! Finally, regardless of the security when all is said and done, you can load up a page of information or a message of your choosing and then minimize the browser. Walk out leaving your surprise for the next unsuspecting person to fall down a clowny rabbit hole.

Bonus Round: If you find there is a printer attached or otherwise setup to print, mark that as another win and leave a souvenir or two! Don't mind if we do! Diddly doo!    *HONK* *HONK*

2) Books, Media, and Periodicals - The next time you find yourself at a location that sells, rents, or loans these things, take advantage of free advertising! There are a couple methods that come to mind in this situation.

Mischief - One of the oldest tricks in the book, is to stuff the media with YOUR information. This tactic has long been used by militias, hobbyists, and religious nuts to recruit other locals with similar interests long before the days of
Craigslist and Meetup. This still works great! Surely you have picked up a magazine at a store and browsed through it only to have various cards and advertisements fall out onto the floor. FAIL! :( - This clever bit of marketing from the magazine companies works great to convince you to subscribe rather than buy each issue at the store where they get less profit. Now you too can participate in this silly marketing troll! The next time you have the opportunity, stuff a personal note or a piece of information into a related book, video, or magazine for the next viewer to get a dose of...   *HONK*.

More Mischief - Support underground and more important artists, actors, writers and information. Locate those hard to find movies, books, and magazines which deserve to have more recognition. Some examples may include "2600" Magazine, Rolling Thunder" Anarchist Journal, "The Contradictionary" Book, "Disinfo" Publications, "Immortal Technique" Albums, or "Freedom to Fascism" The Movie. Place these in the best sellers section removing whatever crap is currently there. If you are feeling generous or publish your own material, bring it with a label that says "FREE" on it and leave it on a chair or table for others. Any media or information that is good to raise awareness or cause people to question authority is generally incorrectly buried on the back shelf.... Put it where it belongs like the helpful clown we know you are!     __INSERT HONK__

3) Stickers, Magnets, and Labels - Stickers, Magnets, and Labels can be created by on an ordinary printer by simply using paper, label sheets, or magnet sheets. If a printer is not available you may choose to use tape, tacks or other adhesive and make them by hand. "Hello My Name Is:" badges work GREAT! Check locally for a printer to cut you a deal if you are making large quantities, I often use 123Stickers to order online due to lower prices on lower quantities.

Stickers and Labels can be 'installed' in public areas such as public bathrooms, telephones, on shopping carts, in night clubs, on street signs, or anywhere that people may run into them and have a chance to give them a look. You may also think about leaving stickers at record stores , surf/skate shops, and other locations which allow for others to pick up your work and spread it further.

If you own or rent a car, you have a moving billboard that can be put to great use! Cover it with any statements and info you may wish to share. If you are afraid to commit to the glue of a sticker due to a job or not owning your car, you can buy Magnetic Sheets which you can place stickers on and cut to size. Now you can easily remove your bumper stickers when you have that pesky job interview or have to meet with non clowns! You can of course put stickers on your bike, your computer, your forehead, and other things you own to spread the HONK all year long!

Label Mischief: Several three letter agencies are responsible for deciding when to place warning labels on foods, music, and all other products. Where would we all be without them? Companies and government agencies such as Monsanto and the FDA are corrupt and fighting hard to prevent PROPER labeling of dangerous food additives like Fluoride, Drugs, and Genetically Modified Organisms! Since the government does not listen to the people or science, and the corporations have a conflict of interest, why not do it yourself and place a few warning labels of your own?   THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN CANCER!   *HONK*

4) Vending Machines - Newspaper vending machines often work via the honor system, you pay for one issue and they expect you to take only one but give access to all. Pay for a single newspaper and stuff each of them with alternative information such as A Civilians Guide To Direct Action or The Walls Are Alive: A How-To Graffiti Guide. You can place them back in the vending machine, or stack them on top held down by a large rock with a sign that says "FREE TAKE ONE". *HONK*

5) Notes, Posters, and Fliers - A hand written note, large poster, or a well made flier can go a long way! It gives your message that extra personal and/or professional touch needed to help grab the attention of the public. A lot of information can be left on a note or poster and you may remain anonymous if you wish, so feel free to speak your mind!

Fill up a business card or flier with URL's and resources for the lucky recipient to learn more about your cause. Leave these fliers or notes everywhere you go, in books, on a park bench, at the bus stop etc. It is important to realize that many people will not pick up a note on a random bench, but if the information is large enough or you put up a poster, they will surely read it! On the wall or on the floor, almost without choice. You can also stand out in front of a busy location or go door to door to hand deliver your information personally if you are brave enough!

6) Novelty and Parody - Rather than dramatic information about oppression and the evils of the world, try going with parody! Strangers on the street are often put off by politics and any useful knowledge of length. However, everyone loves a good joke, even if they like the target. If your information comes in some form of entertainment of non-conventional form, it is likely to be noticed more. A great example of this is "FUNNY MONEY"

Make your own fake funny money! Print out color copies and to make the money look more realistic, Crumble it up and straighten it, crumble again, etc. to make it more cloth like.

I like to place a few
Deception Dollars in books related to september 11th, war, spying, torture, or terrorism. I often slide a few honks in the books on economy to educate on the Federal Reserve.

Finally, it's always fun to crumble them up and just drop it on the floor on the way out. Soon a passerby will be unable to resist the urge to pick up his free money! Watch as they feel like the luckiest kid on the block for about 10 seconds until it is straightened out and....     *HONK*

7) Clothing and Gear - Everyday items like Clothes, Tools, Bags, and othe Gear can also be personalized to be a constant banner in everyday life. A simple shirt with an anarchy logo will not only raise many eyebrows, but work as a great social filter allowing you to meet like-minded individuals quickly with very little effort. You may get a few noses turned up to you, but that is to your benefit, these people are not worth your time. Most important is the show of support for your cause, if there are any others out there like you, they now know they are not alone by this simple gesture. (or Jester?) *HONK*

8) Graffiti and Street Art - While illegal in many cities, the city is a one way conversation telling you what to do, people like you are changing that by putting up their own 'signs'. As an act of civil disobedience, or just an expression of art, street art has always been a useful tool for every movement. For those less artistic, stencils and regular text still make an impact. Often you will see graffiti on currency or paper money as well. Don't be afraid to *HONK THE PLANET*

9) Community Programs and Events - Watch for events in your community which may be the breeding ground of like minded individuals. Book fairs, arts and crafts, activism, and shelters are a good place to reach those in the know, and those who are in need. If you do not have any events in your area, it's about time your organized one! Craigslist.org and Meetup.com are great places to meet locals! Now go raise the tent!! *HONK*

10) Become The Media - One of the biggest failures of modern times is the lack of journalism, objective media, and educational materials on subjects which are considered politically incorrect. The important topics of government and police corruption for example. Many work hard to change the media with no success due to the media monopoly that has a strangelhold on the news and nearly every avenue of entertainment.

Direct Action is not about changing others, it's about being the change you wish to see.

"Don't Hate The Media; Become The Media" - Jello Biafra

In the current age of internet and affordable electronics, anyone with the will to start their own radio broadcast, podcast, or tv show can do so. Every day less people are watching television and relying on alternative sources for content due to the lack of credibility they have shown us. Expose and document the news you think others need to see. There is a market and a demand, you can help create the supply! Film the documentaries you wish existed to educate the masses. - If you do not do it, who will? Use all avenues of media and don't just sit by letting large corporations intimidate you into silence.

You may also call into radio shows with questions and comments, to educate the listeners. Mention a website or other info which will be heard by thousands of people and may even end up in radio broadcast archives to be heard for years to come. You may even strike enough interest that the host begins to speak on the topic. All it takes is a single person and a simple phone call to make a big *HONK*.

* Dicksclaimer: This information is just that, information, to be used for educational purposes and like any knowledge may be used for good or evil. Nobody is responsible for your actions other than yourself, so don't come crying to clown.py or clownsec.com and starting a campaign against all clowns and smiley things because you decided to do something stupid and make the wrong person mad. It may be a good idea to talk to local police and ask permission, or even maybe call the president of the USA and see what he thinks. The Pope and Judge Judy may also have some good input for you. Thanks for reading ya silly phuck!   now HONK THE PLANET!