What is Deep Dream?
Deep Dream is a set of algorithms or artificial intelligence created by google which can be used to create your own neural network art. Using pattern recognition and advanced algorithms only recently available to the public, your computer will look at an image and "interpret" what it sees, feeding this image back into the original so you can see what the computer sees. The results as you can see are bizarre, dreamlike, and many are comparing it to LSD hallucinations.

Google Deep Dream Source Code on GITHUB

"Starry Night" Deep Dream (click for larger)

BEFORE DEEP DREAM: (click for larger)
AFTER DEEP DREAM: (click for larger)

Note: The images used for an example are very low resolution for the web so please ignore any artifacts.

Fear And Loathing - Deep Dream

Deep Dream Is The New Fractal!

Instructions for installing the Deep Dream Virtual Machine

(for 64Bit Machines or Machines with Virtualization Technology (VT Enabled)
1) Download and install either VMware Player (Windows/Linux Freeware), VMware Workstation (Windows/Linux), or VMware Fusion (Mac)

Download Links:
VMware Player (Windows/Linux)
VMware Fusion (OSX)
VMware Workstation (Windows/Linux)

2) Download the preconfigured UBUNTU Deep Dream Virtual Machine (It's Large! 4GB) 4GB Zip File

3) Uncompress/Unzip the downloaded Virtual Machine onto a drive with a lot of free space.
Warning: Unzipped this will take about 9GB+ of hard disk space.

4) Open VMware and either drag the virtual machine folder to the application, or choose to open an existing virtual machine.
Now choose to run the VM you downloaded "Clownsec-Deep-DreamerVM".

5) Power on the VM in VMware (Play Button) and wait for linux to boot.
You may expand the window to full screen for the best view.
Note: If you are asked if you "moved or copied this machine", go ahead and choose "copied".

6) Once you are booted to Ubuntu, you may copy images from your existing desktop and paste them into the folder named IMAGES on the desktop of Ubuntu.

7) Now that you have the images ready you can start the "deep dream" process by opening up the "TERMINAL" or "TERM" on the left side menu of Ubuntu.

8) Type the following commands to begin the Deep Dream sequence on an image of your choosing.

cd /vagrant
python ~/Desktop/IMAGES/brownies.jpg ~/Desktop/IMAGES/brownies-deep.png

Note: You will see random text scrolling on the screen until the image is complete. If you see something like this:

00 inception_4c/output (721, 1283, 3)
02 inception_4c/output (721, 1283, 3)
03 inception_4c/output (721, 1283, 3)

You are good to go!

9) Once the process is complete, the new converted image will appear in the IMAGES directory on the desktop. You may copy this and paste onto your computer to easily retrieve the files.

Note: If you want root access simply use SUDO to run commands as root. You can run "sudo passwd" to change the password of the root user if needed. (Passwd: honk)

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